Monday, 23 September 2013

Beach Luxe

Challenging what is acceptable beach attire in Southern Spain

There is something gloriously Bond film about overdressing on the beach (despite me ranting and ranting against it in this post). I really enjoyed dressing completely out of place on a really chilled hippie beach while the fishermen were out to grab their sunset catch!
This gorgeous toffee dress was a late sale buy and it is just a perfect high summer dress: the material is silky, the colour is perfect with a tan and the shape is very flattering (especially that back). I paired it with loads of layered necklaces (I am very into layering jewellery at the minute) from various places and little else.
This way of taking photos was a little different for me - trying to achieve even a bit of an Editorial look - so I hope you like them!

Dress: Zara
Big necklace: A little shop in Rome
Smaller purple necklace and ruby bracelet: Bees and Graves
Pendant: A stall in Spain
Rings: Vintage, from Laos and from India

Photos taken by Roo Chapell Elkin



  1. Carmy you look amazing! such good pictures you beauty xxx

  2. wow beautiful dress


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