Saturday, 14 September 2013

Ho Chi Minh City with Kate

Most people seem pretty averse to Asian cities, but on my trip they soon became one of my favourites.

A lot of people argue big Asian cities - Bangkok, Beijing, Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City - are dirty and very congested, but I experienced them as a unique and intriguing merge of age-old Asian tradition with the inevitable modernity that globalisation brings. I loved catching Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam) in this transition period: enjoying both its prominent past - the name of the city is enough to remind you of Uncle Ho and the War Remnants Museum is a must - yet navigating the insane motorbike queues (and queues and queues) with this great accessory leaves you with no doubt that these big cities are moving forward at an immeasurable pace. 
Sadly, these few photos don't capture what most struck me about HCMC: the beautiful green parks housing thick-trunked trees nestling in comfortably and naturally with the high rise cement buildings. They seemed to be, just like the vast trees that lined the avenues we drove up, such an integral part of this likeable city. If it helps, this is a photo of us being taken to the park!
Anyway instead of bringing you the parks, I bring you the neon lights and the monochrome tourist desperately seeking out her next fix of delicious Pho Bo. If anyone knows of any good vietnamese Pho in Manchester, please tell me immediately

These snaps I just included because I am wearing the same bag. I picked this beautiful navy leather rucksack up in a Cambodian market in Phnom Penh. I usually don't like fake bags but I chose this because of the colour (quite unusual to find a navy leather) and the gold zips. It also has a million different pockets, which always wins me over. I actually committed to this bag two weeks into our seven week trip, which meant I had to squash it into my backpack for another five weeks... Which must mean I really liked it!
Outfit 1
Tshirt from Bangkok
Zara shorts 
White Converse

Outfit 2
Tshirt from Bangkok
Topshop playsuit
White Converse


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