Thursday, 12 September 2013

Number One

After much deliberation and doubt, I have decided to launch my own Fashion Blog.
I have been admiring Fashion Blogs for over a year and feel it is now my time to produce my own material! veryveryexcited

I move around quite a lot - partly because I have itchy feet, partly because my family, boyfriend and uni are all in different cities or countries - so I'm excited to share a range of seasons, influences, locations and, of course most importantly, style ideas.

Tragically, the first few posts will undoubtedly be the best; I have just returned from an amazing seven weeks in Bangkok, Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos with my boyfriend and we did some preemptive shoots while we were out there. Needless to say, the outrageously beautiful backdrops more than made up for the very limited outfit choices I had hurriedly squashed into my backpack. For an immediate review of my unforgettable time in South East Asia (and just general updates on ma life) check out my Instagram at @carmy_ce.

It being the first post, I thought a quick, four by four introduction to me/ my life/ my loves would be appropriate:

The SEVEN pair of sunglasses I bought in Asia; my dog Eddie; Vietnamese Pho; Copenhagen December 2012; my sister and I in Morocco; passionfruit; fwends at Parklife; macaroons; with my Dad; Chanel espadrilles; at the beach in Spain; with my Mum and sister in Morocco; Matcha Frappé; with my boyfriend in Florence; poolside in Vietnam; cycling around in Laos

For any more info on me (sounding very self important now) check out the About Me section, just want to keep it nice and concise in this first post!

The blog will be updated often so be sure to keep checking back for more material, happy browsing!


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