Saturday, 14 September 2013

Smasual Stripes in Sihanoukville

Smasual: a mixture of smart and casual. Not too smart but not too casual. 

This is an example of how a well designed, simple dress can go a long way at the beach. As I see it, there are two different ways to experience the beach. You can either approach it in a tangled hair, freckled face, salty skin, sandy feet laissez-faire way - definitely what I am promoting in this post. Or you can do the somewhat more materialistic, neurotic version. I know of many a fashion editorial or pretentious post where we have been strongly advised that the only way to survive the beach is wearing a strong lipstick (frankly, impossible), a bazillion pieces of jewellery (whataboutthetanlines) and hauling around their can't-live-without beauty products. I absolutely refuse to believe one cannot survive - let alone enjoy - a day at the beach without hair serum and eye drops. (Conversely, as you will see in a future post, I admit there is something very luxurious about overdressing at the beach).  
Back to the dress. I bought this dress in Bangkok for a bit of a bargain price. Needless to say, it was the rich colour combination that pulled me in initially. I also loved the flattering shape, as it's cinches in at the waist yet is quite floaty on top (suiting my rather flat-chested state of affairs). 
The colours of this dress are really important to creating the effect I wanted with this dress: a smart option for the day (remember I am travelling!) or an easy, suitable dress for eating out in the evening. 
Accessories-wise, I have left this outfit pretty minimal. Again, this is partly to do with the fact I am living out of a backpack and relaxing in a little beach hut, but really I don't know if I would ideally add anything else - maybe earrings?  
How do you approach a day at the beach?

 Pendants have been my go-to jewellery for a while now. If I'm in a rush, I feed a ribbon through the loop, sling it round my neck and I'm ready to go. Their versatility is amazing: over a white t-shirt during the day to that extra bit of colour you needed on your cocktail dress. I've just decided I'm going to do a whole other post just on pendants - keep a look out.

These are definitely real. 

Dress: Khao Shan Road, Bangkok
Sunglasses: MBK Shopping Centre, Bangkok
Pendant: a little market in Spain
Rings: India and Ireland

Photos by Andreas Møller


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