Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sunset Clashes

My first proper post. 
My boyfriend suggested that we take some photos on the beach in Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia and I am so pleased with the results! (This also explains my burnt lines as I was seriously unprepared for these photos, we ran on to the beach after having some snacks on a different beach!) We were slightly fighting against the light as the sun was fast disappearing behind the horizon. 

Stupidly I didn't think of my-then-future-Blog when I was packing for my travels, which meant I had very very limited outfit choices but, in a way, it made it more of a fun challenge and meant I came up with more interesting combinations than I might have done at home, such as this bikini/ crop top with a maxi skirt in clashing colours. 

This skirt was a God-send when I was visiting Buddhist temples in Asia, as you have to be respectful and dress modestly - so ideal to be able to tuck some of the material into the waistline to make it shorter because sometimes it was very very hot.

I am absolutely obsessed with painting my nails! I love changing the colour at least twice a week, and even experimented with nail art in Vietnam which was just the best. 

Maxi Skirt: New Look (old)
Sunglasses: Bangkok
Pendant: from a market in Spain, no idea what the stone is  
Rings: from India and Ireland

Photos by Andreas Møller



  1. Amazing post!!!!! Keep up the good work, very excited for you to flourish! XXXXXX

  2. You go C! Lovely post and gorgeous photos, can't wait for more to come!

    Maisie Ivy


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