Monday, 23 September 2013

The Autumn Dilemma

Autumn (some - i.e. me - would argue winter) has arrived in the Northern Hemisphere. The time has come to put beautiful jewelled sandals, floaty dresses and seven pairs of sunglasses to the back of our wardrobes. Perhaps I am a bit late on the uptake - many will have already gone through this gruelling process in late August/ early September but I have only just touched down in the UK so autumn/ winter has only recently slapped me in the face.

The Autumn Dilemma, I believe, has two parts: choosing a perfect winter coat and choosing perfect winter boots. The former is much more crucial and long-term than the latter: one generally spends a lot more money on the coat and it is sort of assumed that the coat will last you more than one season. The boots, which I will dedicate another post to, have less pressure: you might get more than one pair of boots during the winter season so it's not quite as nerve-wracking. Nerve-wracking may sound a bit dramatic, but I worry so much that I will regret my long-term purchase that I have to be absolutely sure that it is the right one for me.

I have been out of the fashion loop a bit this summer, but I have done my very thorough research and I have come to the conclusion it comes down to these four types.

I am quite tempted to buy an oversized coat because it is so different to any I've owned previously. It's a statement piece and if I get a neutral-ish colour such as grey, I should be able to combine it with anything. I am also extremely tempted by the extra warmth all that added material would add to my frozen body moving around North England in the winter months. I am slightly apprehensive that I have a small frame and I'm not that tall - so maybe I will look like I'm eight (who am I kidding I look eight 99% of the time) borrowing my Dad's coat.

1. Wool Blend Oversized Coat by MANGO
2. Masculine Coat with Checked Lining by ZARA
3. Woolen Wraparound Coat by ZARA

Pastel Pink
This is exciting. Obviously the colour of the season is pastel pink. I would love to invest in a coat this colour, even combining it with the aforementioned type 'oversized' but I am very held back by how quickly this coat would grow old. Is this type of coat only for people who have the luxury of owning 6 or 7 coats? Would I be known as the Candy Pink Coat Girl? Considering this would be really my only chance of becoming a BNOC maybe I should just snap this coat up.

1. Wool Cardigan with Funnel Collar by ZARA
2. Wool Boyfriend Coat by TOPSHOP
3. Light Rose Washed Double Face Cashmere Coat by CÉLINE

Tartan speaks to me of winter, cosiness and all things utterly English. I love winters where you abide to the seasons and become a lot more subdued in your colour choices; a bit of red (or tartan) here, a glimpse of rich plum there.

1. Checked Wool Coat by ZARA
2. Checked Light Jacket by ZARA
3. Autograph Checked Biker Coat with Wool by M&S
4. Checked Coat with Pockets by ZARA

(Faux) Fur 
A complete classic, fur (or the more popular faux-fur) is a timeless winter piece which exudes luxury and evokes images of old-fashioned winter escapes. As I mentioned on the About Me section, I have grown up surrounded by my grandmother's old Canadian furs so maybe they have a special place in my heart. Again, I am hugely tempted by their ceaseless warmth. A negative of this type of coat is that you are quite constrained to the look you want to give off.

1. Long Fur Waistcoat by ZARA
2. Mohair Boyfriend Coat by TOPSHOP
3. Longline Fur Coat by ASOS

What coat trend are you likely to follow this season? Can you help me pick the coat I should commit to?

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