Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Aprise Leather Chelsea Point Ankle Boot

shopping [shpˈʃɒpɪŋ]: the act or an instance of making purchases

I got these beautiful boots the other day on a bit of a whim - I saw them on Camille's website originally. I have this silly, time-consuming habit where I buy things online just to see what they look like in real life and then return them. Which was totally the plan with these beautiful smart boots.

However, when they arrived, I knew I was kidding myself if I thought they were ever going to go back into their ASOS box ever again. Everyone tells me I have an unhealthy obsession with black boots but as I say with all of them these are different.

They come much higher up the leg than most of my other ankle boots (never booties) and the shine on them makes them feel a lot smarter than other boots. The heel-tab is also a very nice add on. They are all round a super useful boot to smarten up an outfit, be it day or night. I am super super pleased with them and most certainly will not sentence them to life back in the ASOS box. Whole-heartedly recommended.

However, they are probably the most uncomfortable not heeled shoes that I have ever bought. You have been warned.



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