Monday, 21 October 2013

Distressed Jeans and a Crisp Shirt

Sprucing up the much loved classic

White Shirt Blue Jeans

I had wanted to show off my sister's perfect ripped boyfriend jeans for a while. On a beautifully clear (but extreeeemely chilly day) we went out and shot this slightly more polished take on the classic blue jeans, white shirt. As I have mentioned before, I always try to maintain an overall smart look in my outfit. Shabby is just not my thing. For me, it's important to be able to dress simply because I try to stay away as much as possible from even a suggestion of trying too hard. Fingers crossed that's how it comes across.

My go-to for updating an outfit has, and I'm sure always will be, a strong necklace. This is, of course, a Zara purchase from a few seasons ago. The colours are lovely with dark or light clothes, night or day. Versatility always wins me over.

I spotted this shirt in Zara when I last visited it (which was in SPAIN five weeks ago because the Manchester store is STILL closed) and I liked it because its oversize shape makes it a little different to a regular white shirt. I was also looking for a shirt that wasn't sheer which, believe it or not, is super hard to find. Check it out on a different day (with a different pair of jeans), here. Sadly I couldn't quite do it justice on the day we took these photos, as it was so cold that I had to do a count down to take my coat off for the full length photo!

At the moment, I'm finding it super hard to keep on top of the blog with an overload of Chinese characters and two looming essay deadlines. So bear with me, and keep an eye on my Instagram as I am doing a bit of jet setting this week and the next: Dublin on Saturday and Spain on Tuesday! 

Do you have any ideas for vamping up classic outfits? 

Shirt: Zara
Jeans: Mango (c/o Roo Chapell Elkin)
Jacket: Zara (c/o Roo Chapell Elkin)
Necklace: Zara
Sunglasses: Bangkok



  1. I live in Manchester too! How annoying is it that Zara is still closed?? grrr!
    Love your outfit, perfect casual chic mancunian vibe :)

    Mariana xx

  2. You're outfit it is cool, i love you're coat and you're necklace too !
    Xoxo Fbm <3

  3. Just discovered your blog and in love!
    Your style is so effortlessly chic.
    Defs following you


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