Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Insta-Week 2 - @CARMY_CE

My bestie Christina and me on her 21st birthday; Baking Sunday; striding on Monday in a vintage shirt and boots; a beautiful florist's I stumbled upon; SMILEY; out on Friday night; deciding which heels to wear; Vietnamese Pho (round II); Patisserie Valerie

Just a quick round-up of my week on Instagram! I had a very foodie week and also went out to celebrate my lovely friend's 21st birthday! I need to get some sleep before four hours of lectures tomorrow then Natalie from Maisie Ivy is coming to visit for #FNO! I can't believe it's being held in my city!! PUMPED!



  1. So fun to see your instagram. love baking on Sunday :)

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