Monday, 7 October 2013

Look Smart, Work Smart

I have always had the philosophy of look smart, work smart

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The fact that I have to dress a certain way in order to motivate myself to study more just goes to show where my motivation levels are at! I consider myself a fairly smartly dressed person day-to-day and I definitely try to dress smart to University - not only because the idea of tracksuit bottoms is repulsive, but also because I do believe that what I'm wearing changes my mindset and therefore, supposedly, I do more work. That's the idea anyway.

This black all-in-one was a bit of a rash buy - we were in Zara, my Mum was feeling generous so I bought it without giving it much thought. I was initially a bit slow and cautious to wear it, but it is so so versatile. It's made out of a suit-like material which makes it very smart if you want it to be. I have worn it with t-shirts underneath, with just a bikini top underneath on a summer's night, super dressy to go out in with heels and even with jumpers because the bottom part is so nice they double up as trousers. All round 10/10.

My satchel is hand-made leather from Morocco. My boyfriend and I visited in the summer of 2012 for my birthday and I bought this satchel with my birthday money. I hadn't yet started University then and I bought it with that in mind. I absolutely love wearing it as it has a certain school feel and always fits all of my things in it. It also has a trillion pockets and zips, which is just my favourite thing in the whole world.

How are you dressing this autumn? Will I be seeing anyone at Manchester's Fashion Night Out? 

All in One: Zara 
Shirt: Vintage
Satchel: Moroccan Medina
Necklaces: All over
Shoes: Office

Photos by Andreas Møller



  1. Love this look so much! You look amazing hun :)

    xx Lindsey | Complacency Kills

  2. Your shoes are amazing! I just discovered your blog and will stay tuned. Check out some of my personal style at:

  3. I'm absolutely in love with this outfit! You look amazing!


  4. Ahh I love that outfit!! You look great, honestly.
    Teffy { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  5. great style!!! I love it! :*


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