Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Top Three Naked 2 Palette Tutorials

My pick of the Top Three Tutorials for utter make-up rookies like me

You may have noticed from my Outfit posts that I very rarely wear much make-up of any sort: mascara, Touché Éclat (life saviour) and, at a push, black liquid eyeliner. Sometimes I like to indulge in a good lipstick. The reason for this is that I much prefer a natural look. I believe that, if you can look healthy and natural without wearing make-up, you will look so much more attractive than if you cake on foundation and inches of other coloured powders. The fact is that if you don't start using foundation, your skin will invariably be so much healthier than it ever will be when you are slapping lots of product on and not letting your skin breathe. This is why, occasionally, you may spot the odd blemish on my skin in photo shoots - I'm all about being a free spirit and embracing the odd pimple that comes along. sorrynotsorry.  If you don't make a big deal out of it, others will barely notice it. Unless it's on the end of your nose; which was sadly what life dealt to me last week.

This summer, however, I decided to get a bit experimental and bought a Naked 2 Palette. I have had this precious little box for about six weeks now and I don't have any idea how to use it, or what the hell it does. Hence the above anxious-looking photo. So, I thought that probably not maybe there might be a few of you out there who are a bit bemused by this array of powders in different beautiful colours and that maybe it would be considerate of me to hunt out the Top Three Naked 2 Palette Tutorials on Youtube.

Just a note before we start, a variety of features of each video were factored in before they made the Top Three: if I liked how the vlogger carried out the instructions, whether or not they were annoying harshbuttrue and whether they were being as simple as they could be with their tutorials. Because we all know that Make Up Gurus love to go overboard with different brushes and different make-up lingo.
So here they are, for fellow make up rookies to watch and learn from:

1. I liked this tutorial because she is super straightforward with her instructions, she is making an effort to use less brushes (top points) and she is making it look super easy. Her accent is nice, too.

2. I really liked this make-up for a very dramatic look. Again, she's making it look very easy and going through it quite simply. I included it because it's a little different to the others as it's so silvery. 

3. Apart from the fact that this is much more natural, and therefore - do I dare? - a day look, I just kind of felt like this girl was my friend by the end of the tutorial. Partly because she's super genuine and partly because she hadn't even put her foundation on at the start of a video. I even forgive the excessive amounts of brushes she uses. What a babe.

Do you have any make up tutorials you swear by? What's your make up routine like?


  1. I'm very much like you, usually only cover my dark circles and use a bit of mascara! If you don't mind me asking, what kind of day cream do you use?

    Great tutorial choice! :)

    Mariana x

  2. nice, and great videos :)


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