Monday, 14 October 2013

Wanderland Vintage Stall, Manchester

This little Vintage Stall pops up in our student area every Monday. Every week it is topped up with new treats: some of them rare one-offs (see amazing see-through raincoat covered in pink flowers) or customised pieces in different sizes (see below black and white bomber jacket). As you may be able to see, they sell jewellery, belts, shoes and beautiful bags all at really affordable, student prices.
What a way to spice up a grey Monday eh? 

It's important to mention that in no way have I been asked to promote or feature this quaint little stall. I've done it because I feel so strongly that we should support small, local business as much as we can - especially when they have as much potential as this one (this comes from a girl whose mother will not condone Tesco purchases in any way!).

So, if you are wondering through Southern Manchester on a Monday with nothing to do and a few bob in your pocket, I strongly recommend you pay this quaint, genuine stall a visit.

On another note, I have been crap at posting recently. I promised myself this wouldn't happen, yet the days seem to have flown past in a blur of Chinese characters, History lectures and curried chickpeas! For this, I offer a profound apology. On the upside, I have some more material in store, which I am super excited to share.

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(These are a couple of pieces I tried on, excuse the poor iPhone quality)


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