Monday, 25 November 2013

Insta Week - 18.11.13

Last week's Instagram feed on @carmy_ce 

1. Sunset over wintery Manchester, 2. Mocha @ North Tea Power, 3. Throwback to Summer 2013

1. Will's 21st Birthday Cupcakes, 2. Costa to share, 3. Day planners are better than boys

1. My impulse buy (#noregrets), 2. Will and I, 3. Homemade Chinese food by the lovely Xindi

The best pick of my Instagrams this week, in both Manchester and Leeds. For a more rounded view of what happened in the Insta world, follow me at @carmy_ce !

Have a wonderful Monday.
Tip: If I'm ever feeling down, I call it Mon Day (as in My in French) - and make it the best one I can! Try it!



  1. Haha love your impulse buy, definitely no regrets!

    { Teffys Perks Blog } X

  2. Omg that turquoise (AA?) onsie is amaze. Definitely a good buy! <3

    Sarah-Jane xo


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