Tuesday, 12 November 2013

My Nod to Tartan

My nod to this season's most succesful print in - surprise surprise - full Zara

Firstly, immense apologies for not having updated much recently. Trust me, it has hurt me more than it has hurt you. It's been a mixture of essays, long stints without seeing my boyfriend (my main photographer) and, actually, trying to work out what kind of blog I want to create... Do I want it to be about the latest things I've purchased or high quality photographs? Do I want to do reviews of products or simply showcase them through photographs? I think I've come to the conclusion, with help of my rock and guide sis, that I want this blog to be about high quality photos, good outfits, wishlists and street style. I know taking photos in their room/ back garden works for some bloggers, but I'm hugely self critical and perfectionist so I would rather concentrate on keeping the quality of photographs and backgrounds high. I aim to be posting three times a week, and I shot some content over the weekend so I.A.M.B.A.C.K.

The outfit... If you have seen my Instagram (which you totally should) you will know that two weeks ago I went to Spain/ home for Reading Week: a rather fleeting visit where I managed to pack in two nights at the beach, a dinner party or two, frantic essay writing, catching up with friends, my dog, and the absolutely obligatory visit to Zara. Because Spanish Zara is a million times better. (Although, Manchester's store just opened again after four months and is the biggest in Europe... swoon).

The beautifully tailored trousers and versatile bag were bought in Spain. I really feel like the trousers were made for me personally by Zara; they fit so well. They are tight (though no muffin tops), comfortable, smart and flattering all the same time. I would really recommend wearing these trousers with a cropped jumper or maybe tucking the top in to the trousers, because the waistband is one of its best features! The bag is super useful - and a bargain price. 

I liked the idea of wearing lots of different tones of red in my lipstick, shoes bag and trousers. 

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Jumper: Zara
Trousers: Zara
Slippers: Zara (old)
Bag: Zara (bargain!)



  1. Love the colours in this gorgeous Zara outfit and the photos of course!

    Maisie Ivy

  2. just found your blog and i love it!! such a good job.
    would love you to check out my blog! www.stonecoldfoxinterrupted.blogspot.com



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