Friday, 15 November 2013

Timeless Jewellery

Today we're talking about quality jewellery 

This is a small representation of the jewellery that has been gifted to me over the years, generally over those Big Birthdays - 18s and 21s. I don't often like jewellery - I'm very picky (as with most things). But when I do like a piece I like it a lot. We enter a loyal long term relationship. 

I admit that I don't wear this jewellery every day - although more so with the rough gold and purple necklace - but when I wear it I know it carries the outfit. Wearing pieces like these means you barely have to think about the rest of your outfit as all the attention centers around them. 

I believe it's essential to invest (or ask someone else to invest.....) in pieces you are going to keep for a long time and that don't belong to any particular style period. When you're prepared to spend that little bit more, you really feel how special the jewellery is and how much more time and thought has been put into making it. Every clasp, every link shows effort and true design. There is also something rather wonderful about thinking that, although of course duplicates exist, it is unlikely that you will see your jewellery on someone passing by or in your nearest department store. I sometimes feel like someone has kept it in a underground vault as a secret for me to find. 

Do you have any pieces of jewellery you're particularly proud of?



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