Thursday, 19 December 2013

Insta Week 02.12.13 and 09.12.13

Quick recap of a super busy couple of weeks...

1. All ready for a weekend away in Guernsey, 2. Sunday lunch in Guernsey, 3. Back in Manchester

1. All spruced up for a dinner party, 2. Beautiful costal views, 3. Thai Stall dinner with DD

1. Winter beach, 2. First roast of the season, 3. Intense family time

1. Confusing Carmy for 'Hermy', 2. House Christmas dinner, 3. Out on Thursday post exams

A mix of deadlines last week, travelling around (Leeds and Bristol), preparing and packing for INDIA NEXT WEEK, preparing more essays and now enjoying quality time with friends in Bristol has seen Piece by Piece get a little rejected. 

I'm still here, the posts are still coming. I've got a few lined up, a few to photograph and a few to put together before I fly on Monday... I'm still organised under all this. Ish. 

Have a lovely festive period, you'll be hearing more from me soon! 


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