Thursday, 5 December 2013

Insta Week - 25.11.13

Last week Instagram highlights

1. My mum came to visit from Spain, 2. Blind with Chinese characters, 3. A good fry up

1. Italian Dinner with Andreas, 2. Decorating our house, 3. Home made pizzas

1. My crazy family, 2. Hello December, 3. Curry Night Selfie 

A little bit late coming this week - seriously, why so many assignments at the end of term? Counting down the hours until next Thursday when my Japanese exam, Chinese presentation and History essay will all be handed in!
I also can't wait to spend some more time on the blog over Christmas - more content but also sharpening it up in general. Don't worry, I shot some yesterday for this week! Priorities are priorities!

Give me Christmas and INDIA! 


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