Thursday, 19 December 2013

Snowy Copenhagen

A year exactly since our trip to Copenhagen

I have been super excited to share these photos that Andreas took last year (yes, ALL, apart from maybe a snowy semi blurry portrait of him) while we visited his family in Copenhagen. This was my second visit and I loved it even more than the first time. It was a week full of lavish eating, ample streetstyle, frozen toes, snowy hot tubs, plenty of fur, colourful Scandinavian architecture and even a quick trip to Sweden for lunch. 

I originally wanted to post only the photos of the snow storm - me revelling in snow that doesn't often come to England, let alone Spain my home - which were taken just a few hours before I got my flight home! But when I sifted through all the archives I couldn't help myself but include a mixture of the whole week, to try and give a full sense of this captivating city in the middle of winter. 

A Christmassy post if there ever was one: enjoy! 

Photos by Andreas Moller


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  1. absolutely love it - you are a very lucky girl! looking ultra cool as always x


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