Sunday, 22 December 2013

What's in my Hand Luggage

The Ultimate Guide

As I have mentioned already, I am flying to Kerala tomorrow via Mumbai. (Check out some photos from my last visit to India in this post). I am super excited for the train tonight, the tube fiasco tomorrow, the airport wait and then two flights to finally arrive in Cochin! All part of the fun! I am a frequent flyer, be it long-haul or a three hour flight to Spain, so packing comes as a bit of a second nature. 

This is my advice to you in what to definitely pack or what to definitely leave out.

From left to right from the top:
Bag (here) - big enough to fit everything in, stretches to whatever shape I need it to be, plenty of small pockets inside including the beauty pouch attached. As mentioned in this post, it's a bargain price and a good staple. 

MacBook - the white one is still the prettiest. 

Lonely Planet Guide to South India and Kerala - my favourite travel guide company by a long way. I've always used them and am acquiring a bit of a collection. Always make sure you have the latest version as they do go out of date pretty quickly: places close, transport changes etc. 

Extra Chewing Gum - It takes up no space and really after a long haul flight is a courtesy to everyone else. Just don't tell anyone if you're travelling in a group as we all know you will have none left in about... two and a half seconds?

L'Occitane Hydration Face Mist - Nice to have on you so as to spritz yourself every so often. 

Rayban Clubmaster Sunglasses - So when I get to India I look a bit more ready for the temperature and holiday in general (we'll all pretend that this will make up for the fact I am wearing total winter attire: leather pants, denim shirt, jumper, coat etc) Also, as a Mancunian resident, I get my sunglasses out at any chance I can possibly get, for obvious reasons. (yes, the six other pairs are in the suitcase)

Notebooks - I have one for every day life. Sometimes it's embarrassingly colourful inside. I really don't think I would turn up at the right lectures, meetings, social situations without it, let alone get work in on time or to the right person. Essential. Secondly, I have a notebook I write my blog things in: what I need to post, inspiration, physical changes to the blog, collaborations I would like to take part in - it's always handy to have it on you as you never know what will inspire you or what great idea may pop into your head. 

The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream - I can't stand my face feeling dry - especially in airplane air - so I always carry this moisturiser in my bag and blob my face with it (strangers love that). 

Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner - Again, nothing worse than dry lips. Blistex does the medical, pharmaceutical thing without having a nasty taste to go with it. I much prefer this one to the tubes. 

Pencil case - For my notebooks or for whatever you always seem to need a pen for. Yes, the 24 colour felttips may be a bit excessive, but my notebooks benefit for sure. I'm not even going to try to justify it, it's just the way it is. 

Almond Hand Cream - As I reviewed in this post, I am crazy about this moisturiser: the actual efficacy of it, the smell, the packaging...

Wallet - this is my late Grandpa's leather wallet - fits everything I need in it and more. I don't need to go into the reasons why you need a wallet. 

Miss Dior Perfume - super fresh and girly. As with the Body Mist, always nice to give yourself a spritz when getting off the plane. 

iPhone 4 - as with wallet. (how much do you love my case? and you haven't even seen the trick...)

iPod nano - I really rate this iPod - it still has a screen, it's touch screen, so small, it's perfect for the gym... I love it. 

Beauty pouch (attached to the Zara bag) - Touche Éclat (guardian angel at all times), Maybelline the Collossal Volum Express Mascara, Bobbi Brown lipstick and nail file. I tend not to wear make up if I'm travelling, especially long haul, but it's always good to carry those essentials around just in case. I would feel quite naked without them. 

Elephant notebook - my quote book, inside snippet here. I am so motivated and inspired by quotes, I feel it important to write them down in physical form and look through from time to time. 

Passport - see iPhone and wallet (i.e. necessity). 

The Dark Road book - by Ma Jian. I try to read Chinese literature as a) it makes me feel better about not revising and 2) their culture (now and before) is so different to ours, I think it's fascinating. This book surrounds the topic of the One Child Policy in China and how this affects women day to day. It has been greatly recommended to me - I saw him give a talk at Hay Literature Festival in May - but I am yet to read it. 

Not pictured: iPod, chargers for iPhone and MacBook, deodorant, fashion magazine and bottle of water. 

... There you have it, my ultimate necessities for the airplane. I hope it proves useful, wherever you're going! 

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