Wednesday, 22 January 2014

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The purchase behind this post was simple: saw it on the mannequin, picked my size and walked to the till. The whole process was over in about six minutes. Two pieces, especially this gorgeous scratchy monochrome print, are surprisingly easy to wear. If you pick one with as much character as this one, you don't even need to consider any accessories (perhaps some shoes, which I seem to have forgotten). Check your nails and lips are a deep, subdued colour and... winter chic is yours without any real stress. 

This is my last instalment from Dottie Bolton's expertise - a sad day to be sure. I will hopefully shoot again with this young talented Miss in Easter. 

El proceso cuando compré este conjunto fue simple: lo ví puesto en el maniquín, encontré mi talla y caminé hacia la caja. Tardé tan solo seis minutos. Conjuntos como este, especialmente en un estampado tan fácil e interesante, son súper fácil de llevar. Si escoges uno con tanto carácter como éste, no tienes que preocuparte ni de los accesorios (tal vez unos zapatos?) Asegúrate de que tus uñas y tus labios son de un color profundo pero sutil e... invierno chic

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  1. this is such a simple yet chic outfit and you wear it so well! you look lovely! Melissa XO

  2. I didn't even realize it was two pieces at first! & that makes the ensemble even more interesting! Lovely outfit ;D

    <3 Carsla
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