Tuesday, 14 January 2014

India: Meet Shiva

The first installment of Kerala beach inspiration

Welcome to Kerala! We reached this beautiful beach by a secret path which made it all more special when you arrive. We stayed on a cliff overlooking this for five days, where not a lot got done apart from sunbathing, eating curry, poppadom sandwiches and listening over and over and over to Drake

I spotted this t-shirt in some beach stalls and had to have it; not only is it eye catching, but it will always remind me of the Hindu idolatry scattered around south India: on lorries, billboards, cars, houses... Colourful and unavoidable. 
Its accompaniments are minimal, but that's what beaching is it about isn't it? 

Sitting in the library for over a week, I can't really believe this trip ever really happened... Only the pictures tell me otherwise! 

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Tshirt: Indian stall
Skort (are you really asking): Zara 

Photos by Roo Chapell Elkin



  1. Lovely post and pictures, Kerala looks beautiful :)

  2. Gorgeous photos, you looks so beautiful! I need to go there, it looks amazing!

    1. Thank you! More posts on it will be up soon! X


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