Tuesday, 25 February 2014

India IV: Statement Culottes

The last instalment of India outfits - and we're going out with a (flowery) bang

Kochi was the last stop on our route in India. I had low expectations, predicting it to be commercial and touristy- which it undoubtedly was, but all the while exuding Portuguese influence, class and good taste. This general atmosphere mixed with photogenic dilapidated walls made it a really intriguing place. There is certainly a strong expat-tourist presence there, but this is manifested by way of quaint cafés and little boutiques like the shop I discovered these glorious culottes in. I could imagine myself spending endless afternoons blogging, reading, writing and wandering.

Stepping in to Arcra (see below), I predicted sky-high, unrealistic prices but was pleasantly surprised by how affordable this Aladdin's Cave turned out to be! I think these culottes, for example, were about £10. The owner was also a really decent, funny man. I'm looking forward to wearing these in sticky Spanish summers day or night; they will be super versatile.

T-shirt: H&M
Culottes: Arcra (see below)
Necklace: India
Sandals: Topshop


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