Wednesday, 19 February 2014

India Travel Diary

A Full Travel Diary of Southern India

Indian Elephant

India is eternal and never changing.

Here - as promised - a less fashion related, chronological travel account of my time in India over the Christmas period. We spent two weeks travelling Kerala - specifically Allepey, Verkala, the Tea Plantations and Kochi. Every day I made memories and saw scenes that I will never forget and are ingrained in my mind, for good or for worse. But that is the risk you take when stepping out of your comfort zone, be that your own country or Europe or even an accustomed standard of living. Yet every time I do it I never look back and want to do it all over again! The people are welcoming and always smiling - much more than the North of India in my experience -, the food is unrivalled and there is a strong sense of pride in Kerala - where locals say India's soul is sleeping.  



  1. Stunning photos!! Quite the inspiration...
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