Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Recent Additions

I have been a little bit loose with my spending recently, acquiring all sorts of delicious items, both in the sale and not. Shoes wise I have invested in very sensible Zara Heels (crazy price) and even more sensible Topshop flats. Both are very recommended and very affordable. 

With regards to the photograph, I popped into Zara last weekend and had to grab these in the last of the sale: I couldn't really tell you which are my favourites, I haven't taken the bag off yet and the weather has been nice enough for me to take the beautiful jewelled bomber out on a spin too. I'm sure they will all appear in a outfit posts soon enough. 

I hope you have a glorious Wednesday - I'm out for seafood risotto with cheesy twists tonight! 

All in photograph: Zara Sale


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  1. I really love your combine especially your shoes :))


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