Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Beauty School Drop Out at Harvey Nichols

Come and see what we got up to at Harvey Nichol's Beauty Event...

After the enormous success of Vogue's Fashion Night Out in October - check the full post here - I couldn't wait to attend another event in Harvey Nichols. This wasn't an exclusive event - anyone could buy a ticket for 10 pounds. The best bit about it was that the 10 pounds were redeemable on a product, so really it was more a voucher than a ticket! I drunkenly bought an expensive Chanel lipstick, but it's beautiful so really I'm thanking my inebriated self. 

I went with my bloggy friend Phoebe from That's So Phoebe and we had a great time! The champagne was flowing maybe a tad too much as well as those little milk bottles that were tiny, but lethal, cocktails! So cute. As at VFNO there were lots of fun games and prizes to be won, for example noughts and crosses and hopscotch. Turns out Phoebe is really good at both, and I suck! I ended up getting a prize because the girl felt sorry for me. 

Throughout the night there were great talks hosted by experts such as the girls at Bobbi Brown. Also, as you may be able to tell from my hair, Umberto Giannini were doing complimentary demonstrations too. I loved my hair but in the photo I resemble Beast a little...? 

Jacket: Mango
Top: Topshop
Skort: Zara
Boots: ASOS


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  1. You always look so beautiful! You hair looks gorgeous, and those drinks look crazy
    Lucia's Loves


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