Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Company Blogger Awards - Nominate me!!

The Company Blogger Awards are coming up! I would love it if you could take 30 seconds to vote for my blog under Personal Style Blog - Best Newcomer!
All you have to do is:

2. Fill in the few details needed including blog URL which is:www.piecebypiecestyle.blogspot.com

3. Choose category of 'Personal Style Blog - Best Necomer'

DONE! Thank you so much I appreciate it a lot! 


  1. Voted! I really hope you win, I absolutely love your blog.
    Lucia's Loves

    1. Thank you so much!! You are so sweet! I voted for you too :) x

  2. Hi Carmen, I really like your blog and I've voted for you in the Company Blog Awards. I've also nominated you for you for The Liebster Award. You can find the details on my blog here. X

    HOW I WEAR..


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