Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Pearls Get The Girls

A little late in the season to be discussing pearls, but I've (finally) found some affordable Dior-inspired double pearls studs so they've come right back on my radar.
We've seen pearls everywhere this year: at Chanel SS14 (or trusty Zara here) and Dior PF13, not to mention the much coveted and lusted over, Sophie Bille Brahe's innovative modern twist. I have always been a sucker for the classic, luxurious touch of pearls. However, with this year's reinvention of the timeless accessory, hooked and awed would be an accurate description of my reaction.
Dior's Tribal Earrings

The earrings I have found are direct spin-offs from Dior's tribal earrings, take a look at the original here. And here you can find my answer to them, at a mere $28 (although currently sold out - sad face). I invite you to join me on my Reloading Page Quest to acquire a pretty good interpretation of the Dior pearls!

Lastly... I leave you with a little Innovative Pearl inspiration.

Images from Sophie Bille Brahe, Dior and Fendi

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  1. Loving the pearl trend at the moment <3

  2. LOVE pearl earrings, they're so classy and cool!

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