Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Insta Vacay - Spain

A long overdue Insta recap from Spain (twice)

Easter Visit - April

1. On my way home after 6 months away, 2. Lemons from my garden, 3. Sunbathing in APRIL

1. Getting my life in order, 2. Pin stripes, 3. A family heirloom

1. Visiting a Contemporary Art Park, 2. Ready for the beach!, 3. Sausages on sausages on sausages

1. Double denim because I can't not, 2. Spot the Pup, 3. My mother, my muse

1. Ice creams in the sunshine, 2. PAELLA, 3. Beautiful sunsets

1. Inspiration, 2. Off to work at the office, 3. Nature at its best

1. Arm workout at Zara, 2. Oooops, 3. Jewellery layering

1. Pheobe Philo inspired, 2. Perfect lace, 3. Off for lunch

1. The view from my run, 2. Reunited with old friends, 3. Eddie likes to play ball

1. Palm trees, 2. Off to work again, 3. Sushi

1. Breakfast with DD, 2. My home in Spain looking radiant, 3. Out for sushi

Revision Break - May
1. Tropical gift from my Mum, 2. Organising myself ft. Eddie, 3. Spain in Spring

1. Avocado on toast #whatelse, 2. Impromptu shoe buys, 3. Sleepy pup

1. Simon, 2. Maxmara necklace, 3. URGENT PLEA for my silly little sister 
to come home from Brazil

I've been meaning to get these two Insta updates out for a while (one of them is from Easter, that tells you really) but this time of year is a little busy for students. There have been many consecutive days (/weeks/YEARS) in the library... I have, however, recently discovered this form of revision so library life is looking up. 

The good news is come Friday I'll be finished. Then comes London, Paris, work experience, Spain for the summer, Greece possibly and then Shanghai for a year! Motivation enough I think! Of course all of this will be documented here on Piece by Piece - with some very exciting projects thrown in for good measure - and surely through my Instagram

Make sure you keep up to date! 

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