Tuesday, 24 June 2014

A Debate on Pool Slides


SS14 has brought us a less than predictable trend, proving that us gals really have no rules or morals regarding our fashion principles... as recently as January, I would probably have laughed out loud at the idea of putting some seemingly unattractive sandals on my feet and parading them around as if they just fell off the cat walk.

But then they did. 

Today I wanted to raise a little debate on the issue surrounding so-called Man Repelling items of clothing (the term surely originating wholly from super-established New York blogger www.manrepeller.com). With the exception of a minuscule proportion of the male population, us women should accept that men will not notice what we're wearing. Let alone care. I, for instance, try to dress for myself first, then probably the female population and lastly - at a push, maybe on a date - for someone of the opposite sex. The truth is - generally speaking - most men do not notice that our bag matches our shoes or that our shirt is Céline inspired.

I was, however, quite taken aback when informed that the same goes for these so-called Man Repelling items. The term itself suggests that we are wearing items despite the knowledge that it will send men running in the other direction. Examples of Man Repelling items may be: awkward pool slides, culottes, a masculine coat. Pieces that for women are statements of both a care-free attitude towards femininity and an indication that their finger is without a doubt on the fashion pulse - at the cost of men's attraction and affection - are really almost entirely designed for the attention of other women. As someone dear to my heart pointed out, no man on Earth would turn down an attractive lady just because her new sandals were a little more chunky or less feminine than her previous pair. There is an enormous discrepancy between the importance - generally speaking - the sexes put on clothes and, most importantly, the behaviour those clothes would result in.

So, next time you slip your feet into your latest pair of Man Repelling slides (my toes are snuggling into mine as I type), at least make a note that these 'statement' slides will only really be absorbed by other fashion conscious people and that, really, Man Repelling clothes are only the construct of a new trend and not true to their title in the slightest. 

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