Friday, 13 June 2014

Paris Photo Diary: Day 1

Day 1 in Paris in chronological order...

Welcome to Paris!
On our first day in Paris we woke up to the sun streaming through the window of our gorgeous Montmartre apartment (we're using Air B'n'B - so far wholly recommended). We were so fortunate that the sun shone non-stop the whole day, as we wandered around taking in our local neighbourhood, Montmartre. 
After a yummy breakfast from the boulangerie - almond croissants and bacon & cheese pastries - we climbed the hill to the Sacré Coeur. I was so happy to go up there on the first day, so you can really get an overview of Paris and see all the different sights from above. The basilique looked so gorgeous with the blue sky as a backdrop, I could barely believe we were there! A very talented harp player provided our soundtrack. Then more soaking up the sun, more wandering around, and time to buy lunch! (Pictured). I often find it's so much more satisfying to buy your own: you can buy exactly what you fancy, have it at home, and it's a fraction of the price. 
Later we popped to Champs-Elysées for some very quick shopping, and then dinner near the Eiffel Tower with my friend Nabila who I hadn't seen in two years! 

And, of course, an obligatory crêpe to finish off the perfect first day...

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