Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Blazing Sun Essentials

OYSHO bikini, PARIS hat, MOROCCAN necklace, WARBY PARKER sunglasses

Remember this hat? Turns out it's perfect for pool side too, raising me from Sunbathing Novice (a position I have been accustomed to for the last 22 years) to level 10 instantly! This post alternate title is "What I Have Actually Been Wearing" - as clothes seem to go out of the window when the temperatures climb to 35º+... with the exception of an oversized men's shirt

PS. It may look like I'm sponsored by Hawaiian Tropic but it is the way to a deep tan. I've always considered it cheating, but when I spotted even the darkest Spanish people applying it on the beach I began questioning why it had taken me so long to get on the bandwagon. It smells gloriously nostalgic, too. Obviously apply SPF15+ before to protect your skin. And if you're using anything but P20 I think you're a bit of a fool - what's not to love about applying once a day?

Photos by Ana Zinn

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hair in Knots

TOPSHOP jumpsuit, UTERQÜE jewellery, SPANISH BOUTIQUE sandals

OK, OK, I know we've seen this jumpsuit before... but could we really leave give it just the one showing back in October? Obviously you've got to be savvy about when you wear it, but it's surprisingly versatile - just try to keep track of who you wore it with last, as it's not one that will blend very easily into their memory (which is why I love it!)

Let's talk about this knotty hair situation... usually on the bun-on-the-very-top-of-the-head team, of late I've been letting it slide and, letting it knot itself into place. I blame my increased time at the beach. I'm quite enjoying the knot, actually - I've got a feeling it's going to stay a while. 

Photos by Ana Zinn


Thinking Ahead: Winter Coats

Camel Coats

VALENTINO wool blend cape, MAXMARA coat, MAURO GRIFONI coat
Another A/W season comes around, and I am still searching for a CAMEL WINTER COAT. Last winter's dark days saw me mostly typing 'camel coat' into any fashion search engine I could think of, in an effort to emulate that MaxMara wrap-around (yes that is really my life). However, this coming AW14 appears to have a treat for me already... cue River Island's (hopefully) affordable answer to that ever-elusive wrap-around camel coat:

It has only been spotted at Press Days so far (hence the low photo quality), but I have faith that this coat is going to bring my seemingly endless search to a close.

Throughout this post you were probably thinking, 'coats? now? in July?' and that would be completely understandable. I, for one, (surprise surprise) am off for another night and couple of days at THE BEACH
However, RECENT EVENTS have had me looking ahead to what this autumn/winter has to come: yesterday, I bought my one way flight to SHANGHAI! I will be studying at university in central Shanghai for a whole academic year. Cue nerves/ dread/ fear but mostly EXCITEMENT and CURIOSITY

I hope to have you all along with Piece by Piece Style and me along the way, 
it's going to be an adventure!


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Moroccan Prints


Invariably, when summer comes around and real heat sets in, trends tend to take a backseat and old faves that have been knocking around my (/my mum's /my sister's) wardrobe since before any of us can remember are brought out again. At the beach (which seems to be turning into my every day hangout), it's more important to stay comfortable and - I would argue - colourful. Which is how this beautiful, embroidered dress comes to be used again and again every year, all three of us lovingly putting it on for the umpteenth time. Who could resist THOSE COLOURS and THAT PRINT?

I hope you will have noticed the quality of these photos - Ana Zinn and I have finally started shooting together, and I love the results. Ana is studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC so she's a little bit of an expert and it's a joy to have her as the latest contributor to Piece by Piece Style. 

I've got more outfits ready to post from my shoot with Ana and loads more outfit ideas so Piece by Piece is going to be busy! Don't forget to follow (links below) to keep up to date, or subscribe to e-mail reminders (on the left).

Photos by Ana Zinn


Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Birthday Wishlist

Birthday Wishlist 2

OYSHO bikini, RASPBERRY macarons, MOJITO and PANAMA notebook

It's my birthday tomorrow! I'm going to be 22! There's a reason July is my all-time favourite month!  Not a particularly fashion-y wishlist (at all) but we're going to the Sales tomorrow so I'm sure I'll find something in that direction... Apart from that, I'm dying for a new perfume, I've been swooning over the watch for a while now and the camera is just a long-term dream as at some point I'm going to need to invest in one for my adventures in China!  

As for plans for the big day, we're having a lovely breakfast at home (read: bacon), then heading to the coast for shopping (!!) and a chilled lunch at the beach with plenty of minty mojitos heading my way... LOW KEY BUT FAULTLESS! I can't wait! 

Ronda, I'm Back

ZARA shirt, shorts and bag, SPANISH BOUTIQUE slides, 

Try as I may to embrace summer's tropical and vibrant colours, MONOCHROME pulls be back into its safe embrace. That said, it's really nothing to do with a fear of vibrant colours, it's just that nothing gives off effortless simplicity and elegance like monochrome. For that reason, regardless of the season or number of degrees Celsius, I return again and again. 

Given that my chest has never been up to much, and thus sexy cleavages completely out of the question - laughable almost - a lightbulb struck when WANG introduced a fresher, more daring way to show some flesh. Not one to get my tummy out completely (and I mean never) a pair of much loved high waisted shorts came to my rescue before I even had a moment to panic about my non-existent gym subscription. Voilà!

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Photos by Rosanna Chapell Elkin


Saturday, 12 July 2014

Let's go to the beach

A quick Insta-update to give you a taste of what I've been up to... the days are filled with sun rays, sandy feet, salty air, fresh fish and plenty of Hawaian Tropic... My wardrobe consists of non-matching bikinis, shady hats and plenty of crotchet. I am on the Atlantic Coast in Spain, and life is very sweet. The lack of WiFi - which initially was a blessing - is slightly getting to me (read: my body is twitching involuntarily). On Sunday/ Monday we're heading back to the mountains...

I've taken some really cool photos with a fabulous new young photographer, which I'll be sharing with you all next week... Stay tuned! 

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Thursday, 10 July 2014

Vintage Mango

ZARA top, MANGO vintage skirt, TOPSHOP necklace, VINTAGE rings

It’s good to be away from the city for a while; the clean air, wider skies (no tall buildings to be seen), no WiFi, no TV… not to mention how refreshing it is to vary blog backdrops! Manchester wouldn’t be too welcoming of my barefeet, would it?

A skirt my mum wore on her 40th birthday… that makes it certified vintage Mango. As you may have noticed on here or maybe I’m talking bull, I love trying new things sartorially-speaking, and this skirt length is a little addictive. I was missing some heels, but who knew I would need them I can’t pack and who would wear anything but make-believe high heels on a dirt track anyway?

Insta-post coming soon, I need to share the beach with you!

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Monday, 7 July 2014

Sunset Junkie

STRADIVARIUS top, ZARA skort, VINTAGE necklace 

Those of you following me on Instagram, will have realised I have arrived at the beach for 10 days! How lucky am I. And how very lucky am I to enjoy sunsets like these every single time I visit our beach house! These photos have not been edited at all post-shoot! How amazing?! Being a sunset junkie, you'll catch me with a drink in hand enjoying them every day, it feels like a crime to miss them! This is a quick outfit out for dinner... beige and black has always been an easy go-to to look smart and exude a little simplistic elegance. 

Keep up to date with beachy life on Instagram, see ya there! 


Thursday, 3 July 2014

New In: Nike


A pat on the back to myself tends to be either SARTORIAL (case in point), or in the form of an AIRPLANE TICKET. This time, seeing as I'm in Shanghai for so long as of September, I opted for the former... The celebration? I have been granted the Confucius Institute Scholarship award for the next academic year studying in China, granting me both financial help and of course priceless satisfaction!

Let's talk about the shoe.
Plain but eye-catching, on trend but comfy, perfect in any season, any continent... They're like other Roshes but not. Roshes have swept the land with their popularity, giving everyone the excuse to wear what feels like a trendy slipper, on a daily basis. However; these are no ordinary Roshe. I spotted them on a cool gal in the library mid-revision (remember those dark days?! I don't either) and assumed they must be sold out. After a few online searches, on several different days, I found them in my size and the money was out of my account within 15 seconds.

Off to the beach for a good while tomorrow! Keep up to date on the blog and Instagram

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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

The Start of Summer 14

THRIFTED sunglasses, AMERICAN APPAREL bandeau, 
LAOS MARKET shorts, HAVAIANAS flip flops

It’s been a full month since I walked (skipped) out of my last exam, yet it’s only now that I feel summer has really begun. I’ve had a whirlwind month of moving around every 4/5 days, and it’s been pretty tiring. However, that’s not to say it hasn’t been a blast: there was working with Wanderland Boutique in Manchester, Les Mis, Paris for a week, London with a couple of great blogger events, work experience in Bristol and, finally, a memorable weekend in London. See what I mean about moving around?! 

I am now in Spain for the next two months and my little sister/ PA has filled my calendar up with beach trips, social events, birthdays, shoots, entrepreneurial attempts. I kid you not. Sometimes I think I only get through life because of the much more organised people that surround me…

Gotta dash - the first event allocated is a Piece by Piece Style meeting between blogger and PA and it starts in 2 minutes…

Catch you soon for summer themed posts, keep up to date on Insta

Photo by Andreas Moller
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