Saturday, 26 July 2014

Hair in Knots

TOPSHOP jumpsuit, UTERQÜE jewellery, SPANISH BOUTIQUE sandals

OK, OK, I know we've seen this jumpsuit before... but could we really leave give it just the one showing back in October? Obviously you've got to be savvy about when you wear it, but it's surprisingly versatile - just try to keep track of who you wore it with last, as it's not one that will blend very easily into their memory (which is why I love it!)

Let's talk about this knotty hair situation... usually on the bun-on-the-very-top-of-the-head team, of late I've been letting it slide and, letting it knot itself into place. I blame my increased time at the beach. I'm quite enjoying the knot, actually - I've got a feeling it's going to stay a while. 

Photos by Ana Zinn



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