Thursday, 24 July 2014

Moroccan Prints


Invariably, when summer comes around and real heat sets in, trends tend to take a backseat and old faves that have been knocking around my (/my mum's /my sister's) wardrobe since before any of us can remember are brought out again. At the beach (which seems to be turning into my every day hangout), it's more important to stay comfortable and - I would argue - colourful. Which is how this beautiful, embroidered dress comes to be used again and again every year, all three of us lovingly putting it on for the umpteenth time. Who could resist THOSE COLOURS and THAT PRINT?

I hope you will have noticed the quality of these photos - Ana Zinn and I have finally started shooting together, and I love the results. Ana is studying at the School of Visual Arts in NYC so she's a little bit of an expert and it's a joy to have her as the latest contributor to Piece by Piece Style. 

I've got more outfits ready to post from my shoot with Ana and loads more outfit ideas so Piece by Piece is going to be busy! Don't forget to follow (links below) to keep up to date, or subscribe to e-mail reminders (on the left).

Photos by Ana Zinn



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