Thursday, 3 July 2014

New In: Nike


A pat on the back to myself tends to be either SARTORIAL (case in point), or in the form of an AIRPLANE TICKET. This time, seeing as I'm in Shanghai for so long as of September, I opted for the former... The celebration? I have been granted the Confucius Institute Scholarship award for the next academic year studying in China, granting me both financial help and of course priceless satisfaction!

Let's talk about the shoe.
Plain but eye-catching, on trend but comfy, perfect in any season, any continent... They're like other Roshes but not. Roshes have swept the land with their popularity, giving everyone the excuse to wear what feels like a trendy slipper, on a daily basis. However; these are no ordinary Roshe. I spotted them on a cool gal in the library mid-revision (remember those dark days?! I don't either) and assumed they must be sold out. After a few online searches, on several different days, I found them in my size and the money was out of my account within 15 seconds.

Off to the beach for a good while tomorrow! Keep up to date on the blog and Instagram

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  1. Superb work , I have visited your site for the first time. Thank you very much for having such a informative blog! swept the land with their popularity, giving all and sundry the excuse to put on what appears like a present day slipper, on a every day foundation. but; those are no normal Rose. i spotted them on a groovy gal in the library mid-revision This time, seeing as i am in Shanghai for as long as of September, I'm working at Outdoor Advertising Services in Agra I opted for the former. The celebration? i have been granted the Confucius Institute Scholarship award for the subsequent academic 12 months studying in China, granting me each monetary assist and of route priceless delight!


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