Monday, 15 September 2014

Clean Palette

Wearing MANGO boyfriend jeans, ZARA earrings, clutch and top, SPANISH BOUTIQUE sandals

CLEAN, FRESH, SIMPLISTIC are three words that I think describe this photo shoot as well as the outfit. If in doubt, keep it simple with a clean palette and I promise it would be hard to go wrong. (Coincidentally - or not - I'm actually sitting here writing this in another pair of ripped jeans with another white top... I'm telling you it's addictive!)

Shanghai couldn't feel further away from this gorgeous door taken just around the corner from where I live in Spain - I won't be back there until July! Shanghai is scoring a 10/10 for me right now (sipping Matcha Tea with Bubbles why wouldn't it?

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Photos by Natalie Hale


  1. Love the look! Is the top actually white? Can't wait to see your shoots in Shanghai....

  2. These jeans are perfectly distressed & the white creates a really nice minimalist feel. All together really simple & lovely!

    1. Thank you! The jeans are perfect aren't they!


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