Sunday, 12 October 2014

It's So Fluffy

Credit: Pinterest

"It's so Fluffy I wanna die!" The FUR/ FAKE FUR look has been taken into a whole new realm this season and reinvented so as to engulf more than your standard Russian Shapka or conventional fur coat. Thankfully, the High Street has taken this look under its wing and come out with some really attractive options: think panelled jumpers, fluffy heeled sandals and gorgeous fluffy bags as shown above.  Pair with denim, leather and your favourite clean palette to let the fluffy item TAKE THE SPOTLIGHT.
Check out some of my favourites below:



  1. Where oh where did that gorgeous maroon bag come from? Dream on...but make sure you don't wear it in the rain!

    1. I found it on the internet! But it looks way out of my budget! I'll just stare...


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