Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Shanghai Fashion Week: Diesel Opening Party

Shanghai Fashion Week hit us rather unexpectedly from October 15th- 23rd. 

I managed to blag a ticket to the Diesel Opening Night Party (thank you). The evening undoubtedly exuded deliberate edginess: the soundtrack booming through the speakers, the strobe lights, and of course the elevated platforms where Diesel’s key pieces were exhibited. We saw leather, fluff (I already told you about that) and a masculine/ feminine concord. 
Champagne flutes, unlimited Budweiser, exceptional canapés were in full swing (trust me, when you’ve been in China for a couple of months parma ham wrapped around a bread stick is like a gift straight from Heaven). We stayed way past the finishing time of 11pm even though the lights had been turned on: only a good sign

Observations: Chinese people (or at least the Shanghainese who frequent these types of events) are centred almost entirely around social media and capturing these events. Even this handful of photos shows selfies a plenty, photos in front of significant backgrounds or photos of the ticket itself. It’s not to say that the West is by any means alien to the power of social media, but it really struck me as all encompassing at #SFW. 

PS. Photos taken by ME for once, on a Canon with my new lens! Shocking, huh?!
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  1. Looks like you had a great time! Great new lens!

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