Thursday, 2 October 2014

When's Coat Weather?

MANGO coat

It is no secret that looking for a perfect camel coat had practically become a full-time job in the last 12 months for this here obsessive (read: me). I posted on Instagram (see below) the fateful day when I finally found the perfect coat: the weight was right, it was wrap around, and it ended at the knee which suits my smaller, shorter frame…

Now my question is: when am I going to have the privilege of testing this coat out?! I bought it in 30 degree weather in Spain about a month ago eagerly anticipating my arrival in Shanghai. However, I have arrived to discover that Shanghai is even less summery than Spain - we’re talking 29 degrees and 80% humidity. At the moment, the only realistic scenario for a gorgeous camel coat is the one pictured above...

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  1. That coat is so, so amazing. I'm sure we'll all get to colder weather eventually! It's timeless anyhow, right?


    1. I know right?! You are so right! I just need to be patient for a little longer......


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