Sunday, 23 November 2014

Something Special

MANGO coat, ZARA cropped jumper (similar), ZARA shirt(similar), UNIQLO trousers
H&M and ACCESSORIZE jewellery ZARA clutch, MARKET  shoes

These amazing Stella-inspired shoes - unsurprisingly - caught my eye as I was walking through the Shanghai metro station the other day. (Yes, Shanghai is so consumerist that there are even plenty of independent boutiques within the bigger metro stations - Heaven forbid we couldn't shop during the commute). At the time I tried them on with classic blue jeans and a white structured top and it was a complete YES moment. 

I have been set the tricky task of straying away from Zara items on Piece by Piece for a bit - initially a little hard to fathom, now I'm quite relishing finding out what lies beyond my usual horizons (/ Zara shop front). Note: it doesn't count if I already owned it i.e. a few items in this post. Uniqlo is massive here in Shanghai, I'm enjoying discovering their amazing basics and their colour palette is on point as far as I am concerned. I'm pretty interested in their cashmere and oversized slouchy knitwear

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  1. Love this look, I have the coat and those shoes are to die for let alone the shirt layering. Perfect!

  2. Gorgeous set of photographs & adore the styling. Those shoes are just to dieeeeeee for!

  3. Me encanta este Look....and the shoes are fantastic...the look just make me smile with pleasure...a great day to start my day!!!


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