Monday, 16 November 2015

A New Jewellery Injection

TEMPEST DESIGNS earrings*, ARK CLOTHING t-shirt, THRIFTED hankerchief

TEMPEST DESIGNS earrings*, JAEGER shirt, ZARA jumper

TEMPEST DESIGNS necklace*, JAEGER shirt, BOBBI BROWN lipstick in 'Red Carpet'

In contrast to my fourteen year old self (think statement necklaces, matching everything and a lot of vibrant colours), recently I've been straying away from jewellery altogether, save an ear cuff here and there

Cue a collaboration with Tempest Designs Jewellery: winning me over specifically with those minimalist slightly 'out there' designs, which have drawn many comments without a hefty price tag. Each item comes in various colours, meaning there's a lot of choice; the flat circular earrings I'm wearing are actually rose gold, but unfortunately didn't come out too clearly in the images. This brand is a new favourite for me, and I'll be sure to pick up a few more items as the year goes by. 
Watch this space!

Photos by Jenna Cammish

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Friday, 16 October 2015

Fall/ Winter: Last Year's Review

Check the full post of each outfit by clicking on the image

A few snapshots of last year's Fall/ Winter to get us in the mood for this one!
Looking good in winter is so much more fun.
(Said every blogger, ever) I'm super excited for another season of wrapping up (literally in some cases, if you own a camel number like mine). Tradition would have it that every season I conjure up the perfect coat in my mind and I don't stop trawling online shops until I come across it. Last year was the camel wrap around (which I finally located in Mango). This year it's an oversized wool floor length black/ navy style. Funnily enough this search often seems a lot more enticing than d.r.y Chinese Politics readings or impossibly deep content on the Ethics of Buddhism. And alas it is still hiding. 

It's been a lot harder to post blogposts than I had anticipated, the balance of studying, trips to London, a part-time job and exercising leave little time for much else. I'm preparing the posts on ideas to wear to university, just waiting for my photographer to arrive tomorrow (looking at you, cartygram!). Bare with me while I try to get into the swing of being in my final year of university! 

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Saturday, 3 October 2015

My Ultimate Back to School Ticklist | Highstreet Favourites

back 2school

A little late perhaps, but as all adults in my near vicinity like to remind me, we students do anything but study. And this year that means starting university as late as the 28th of October! This semester I'm looking for super flowy silhouettes (read: baggy baggy baggy) and muted colours (more on that here). I'm looking to look chic while still being super comfy (example here) as days of all-day library sessions set in, and I desperately try to keep up with the workload.

In the next week or so I will also be uploading a post on what to wear to university, so keep an eye out for that! 

What do you like wearing day-to-day in autumn?

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Wednesday, 30 September 2015

The First of Autumn 2015

STRADIVARIUS top (similar, in the sale), cigarette pants (similar) and long waistcoat, 
MANGO bag (similar), ADIDAS STAN SMITH, COS necklace (similar)

Surely not a winter outfit, surprisingly the weather in Manchester this autumn is definitely giving us opportunity to still put together something similar to this, so there is still time to enjoy the last of those lighter-weight fabrics before entering Layering Master Class season.

Colour blocking is straight-forward in a colour as understated as khaki, with the added bonus that it's subdued enough to be interesting without turning heads. The key detail in these trousers, that so-called paper bag waist, gives it a little extra with definite echoes from Tibi this NYFW. Cliché as it undoubtedly is, it's hard to resist bringing out those fall (read: autumn) colours at this time of year: khaki, rich brown, burgundy... With the landscape changing around me plus a new university module entitled Chinese Ecoliterature - the relationship of nature within literature - it was inevitable I might match the autumn leaves this term.

These shots were taken while I was still in Shanghai (sob sob), notice that eery light that comes off a particularly smoggy day. I'm preparing some China-centric travel posts, which will be aimed at each specific area I visited, including a few tips and lots of images. I hope you will enjoy. 

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Monday, 21 September 2015

How to Define 'Personal Style'

ZARA cropped shirt, STRADIVARIUS skirt, NEW LOOK heels

I see fashion is a form of physical self-expression, immediately communicating to the beholder an image of the person I am. (Similarly, I regard other people's clothes in the same way - while still aware that not everyone is concerned about how they've matched together their clothes in the morning). Given that it is a visually apparent form of communication, I sometimes feel a little uneasy about my personal style. Picking out something new I may question whether this particular item is in keeping with the rest of my wardrobe, or the style I'm coveting lately. I don't like the idea of being someone who wears everything, unfussy (the opposite of me!), with no real sense of what they like or don't like. This is why I'm always a little confused as to why Chiara Ferragni of The Blonde Salad is held in such high esteem - for me, there is no sense of what she truly likes or dislikes, and her style changes from day to day (or, during fashion month, several times a day!). Someone like Vanessa Hong of The Haute Pursuit or Camille Charrière of Camille Over the Rainbow are much more appealing to me, as their style is something I can follow. 

All this said, there is not much wrong with trying something new every so often, as is the case with this floaty vintage inspired skirt from Stradivarius. It's no secret that I gravitate towards minimal dressing, subtle jewellery and on the whole reject patters altogether. This - together with a strong lipstick and a smart overall look, is how I define my personal style. However, there is no harm in digressing every now and then into a look that can make me feel stereotypically feminine and cool. 
Note that the minimalism is still there through barely-there make up and almost non-existent accessories. Some habits die hard. 

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Friday, 18 September 2015

The Black Boot: High Street Edit

aw black boot

CLOCKWISE: ZARA fringe boots, TOPSHOP black boots, ZARA pointed boots, MANGO boots

The days are getting colder and (referring specifically to yesterday) wetter. Therefore, I'm sure you'll agree a bit of a wardrobe review needs to take place. A more extensive 'Back to School' essentials wishlist will be on the blog soon, but for now I'm trying to decide which will be my go-to black flat boot for the season. A heel is nice and all, but sometimes you just want to stomp around rainy Manchester... my mind should be on my upcoming fourth year, not my painful feet! 

Unsurprisingly the two Spanish titans came out strong with my favourites... Watch this space!

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Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Head to Toe Crochet: The Love Affair Part II

ZARA jumpsuit, THRIFTED bandana (similar)

#ShitGirlsSay: If I could marry a material, I would propose to crochet in the next five minutes. 

I'm certain it's a love due to connotations: connotations of workmanship, sand between your toes, crisp colour schemes and, undoubtedly, classiness. Never one for an overworked clothes ensemble, fabrics that express summer joie de vivre and maintain a level of chicness are always going to be at the top of my wish list. 

I've been raving about crochet since January (check the full post and a chance to grab your own here) but my eyes popped out of my head when I saw this crochet one-piece in Zara. I did not see that coming. I eventually bought it on my birthday in the sales, and knew the debut had to come at the beach house in Spain. As I'm sure you'll agree, this needs nothing more than a little up-to-date bandana (more on this little item later) to keep that beach hair semi-tamed and you're ready for that mojito that's waiting back at your table. 

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Photos by Rosanna CE


Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Late Summer Neutrals

ZARA dress, VINTAGE bag (similar), H&M necklace, 
COS necklace, &OTHERSTORIES sunglasses

As natural as it feels to finally pull out our bright colours in summer, there’s definitely something to be said for a clean palette of white and cream on a shady summer day. Especially when the white comes in the form of this structured (big tick), minimalist (bigger tick) Zara piece but with that interesting detail at the front. Seriously dreamy in my eyes. 
(It’s also got the added bonus of having shorts subtly added underneath which definitely justifies the length of it!) 

Coordinated accessories can be either chic or cliché, I personally think subtle touches of a wicker basket (an item which screams summer as much as the smell of sun cream) and a floppy hat stay the right side of the line. 

My time in Spain is running out, but I’ve still got a few days to enjoy some Vitamin Sea down on Costa de la Luz, our second home! Back to London on Thursday and Manchester at the end of September!
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Monday, 17 August 2015

Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal

"Fashion fades, style is eternal" - YSL

With the inauguration of the Yves Saint Laurent: Style is Eternal exhibition at the Bowes Museum, Yves pioneering designing vision and timeless pieces are being quite rightly praised. We are all aware that Yves challenged fashion in ways that had not been done before him, introducing masculine tailoring in women's dressing which had not previously even been considered. It only takes a stroll through his gardens in Marrakesh to appreciate the unique way which Yves perceived the world, and the creative vision that that perception translated into. I'm sure the exhibition is a must see, much like the film (Yves Saint Laurent) which is a beautifully shot portrayal of his life through very chic cinematography. 

Compiling this look, centred around the Iconic Smoking Jacket, was both the easiest and hardest task. Easy because you can combine any of the pieces together to come up with a killer look, hard because I had to limit myself to one set. I put this together as the ultimate heading out for drinks at dust ensemble.
Scrolling through the items, I realised I could easily fill my wardrobe exclusively with Saint Laurent and reuse the classic pieces again and again in different combinations - always arriving at a look that would be slick, head-turning and effortless. I mean, the monogram jewellery alone is heavenly. Not to mention that brown bag

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This post is a competition with FarFetch - find all YSL items at FarFetch


Monday, 10 August 2015

Postcard from Thailand: Paisley Shorts

H&M basic tank, THAILAND MARKET shorts (similar)
SPANISH MARKET bracelet, RAYBAN sunglasses
A little postcard arriving very late from Thailand by way of these photos (having lived in China for the last year, I can relate to packages arriving so late both the receiver and the sender had forgotten its existence). 

We vacay'd in Thailand this January because - despite studying the whole way through the Christmas period - Chinese universities mercifully give two months off in the winter. Among the culture intake in Bangkok (read my helpful guide here), we checked into Riley Beach Club where these photos were taken. Cue a casual, coastal get-up which is, in my opinion, just the right side of risqué. Sunset predictably became my favourite time of day, walking through the hotel grounds to try to spot monkeys in the trees (cute until a gang of twenty start to eye you up). If you want more wanderlust photos of Thailand, read my travel diary here

I picked these shorts up in the Bangkok markets for a couple of pounds, no surprises that I'm wishing I'd bought ten! Must thank the Mamá (again) for lending me this statement bracelet for the shoot (I've said it before, I owe all the fashion credit to her...) If you're finding summer packing somewhat overwhelming, try this post or this post for some straightforward advice.
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