Thursday, 8 January 2015

2015: Fresh

BEACH sarong, MANGO pants (as in this post)

Fresh back from the Philippines, exams already out of the way (tell me if you find a better feeling because I don’t know one) and Chinese university has finally finished for the Winter Break… however, I can confirm that Boracay Blues are some of the worst I’ve ever felt. How could you not miss the turquoise blue sea, the fresh fruit shakes on every corner, the palm trees, and the chilled out attitude of the locals…? But more on that in my next post. 

Much to my constant frustration, I’ve never been much of a creative/ DIY sort of person (although my bubble writing is on point) so when I knotted my freshly purchased sarong into a back-bearing crop top, I was pretty pleased with myself. 
Not much of a tutorial here apart from: 
1) sling the sarong around your neck, 
2) criss-cross it across your front (let some fall loose if you don’t like bearing too much flesh)
3) tie at the back in a sturdy knot 

Many more posts coming very soon, stay tuned!

Ph. by Kieran Carty

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  1. You look gorgeous, as always! And that backdrop is a killer - absolutely beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful place to shoot, beats Manchester hands down! You look lovely, a sarong is so versatile too x

    HOW I WEAR | A Manchester Style & Beauty Blog

  3. Stunning - love the Sarong AND the trousers!


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