Sunday, 18 January 2015

Philippines Travel Diary: Part 2

Typhoon, rain, blue skies; mangoes, pineapples and papayas; lush rainforest, turquoise sea and jaw-dropping views... click through to see more

The second part to the Philippines Travel Diary (catch the first here). Following on from the brief Boracay guide...

Drink… Fruit shakes, all the time. My favourite was Mango and Pineapple. Fresh coconuts, of course. Shantal’s Bar at Station 3 is perfect for cocktails or the Reggae bar at Station 2 for killer Rum and Cokes. 

Stay… Luckily we happened to book a hostel at the end of Station 3, which is considered the quietest area of White Beach. Between sticking to Station 3 and visiting Puka beach up in the North side of the island, you can avoid most of the annoying tourism and enjoy the undeniable beauty of the island. 

Avoid... Ocean Breeze Inn - absolutely terrible value for money, and even worse organisation and service. We happened upon a room in a different accommodation away from the beach (10 minute walk) which was all round the best choice for us: big spacious room, incredible views all to ourselves and feeling a little more integrated into the Filipino culture than down by the beach. I can’t give a direct link to this accommodation, but perhaps Air B’n’B would be a good way. 

Talk… Talk to the locals as much as possible. Filipinos are some of the most relaxed, easy going and welcoming people we have ever met. We were often invited to join people’s tables or chatted to purely out of curiosity. A few people even sat down with us to watch us play Bananagram on the beach. 


There are still so many wonderful memories and photos from this holiday that I'm yet to share -probably appearing on dreary days of Shanghai smog or Manchester rain... Stay tuned on Instagram or checking back here on the blog. And if you enjoyed this series of photos, don't worry I'm flying to Thailand on Wednesday so plenty more sun, sand and sea ahead! 

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  1. This looks so gorgeous! Great photos x

  2. beautiful photos!!! the philippines look amazing! <3
    - Andrea


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