Monday, 12 January 2015

Philippines Travel Diary: Part I

Objectively photogenic, there’s something special about visiting the tropics in mid-winter… 
Your eyes are especially drawn to the deep turquoise, 
your skin more sensitive to the heat, and your toes to the white sand under them
The first instalment from Boracay Island, the Philippines. We had an unforgettable time and Boracay Blues are like few I’ve ever felt. It’s a naturally beautiful island, small enough to navigate but big enough to keep you entertained. 

A few pointers…

Do… There is so much to do on Boracay, you could stay for a month and still have activities left to try: parasailing, massages, and even a mermaid lesson... Due to weather and our limited finances, we only went island hopping. It felt super special to have a boat all to ourselves for a few hours, go snorkelling (I found Dori), cliff jumping and taking in beautiful views of the ocean and the shore. One of my favourite things we did!

Eat… Filipino food is really delicious: a mixture of curry, BBQ meat and fresh fish. For this, the best was Ralph’s cooking in the Meryl’s Inn complex: head to the main road behind Station 3. Say a big hello to Ralph from us! Sunny Side Café is so yummy if you feel like eating Western food, we could have eaten there every night. Da Mario’s at the end of Station 3 is really chilled out and reasonably priced - the Tuna Salad and garlic bread were my favourite. 

Part II of the Travel Diary will be live later this week, with advice on where to stay, what to drink and who to talk to… 


A quick note - Boracay is not for everyone. Most of the main beach, White Beach, is packed full of international chains, touts and, worst of all, selfie sticks. This is especially true if you stick to Station 1 and Station 2. However, avoiding these is easy to do and changes your experience completely. 


  1. These pictures are beautiful, I can't wait to one day visit Asia!
    xo, S
    check out my personal and travel blog ♥

  2. All looks so gorgeous - the vegetation, the beach, the food...and the people!

  3. incredible - best post yet! you lucky devil! absolutely stunning photos. and you-re so beautiful also! proud xxxxxx


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