Saturday, 31 January 2015

Six Things to Pack for a Beach Holiday

This winter has allowed me to have a couple of beach breaks: first the Philippines for New Year's, then south Thailand for a week with my parents. Both holidays were completely brilliant, both times I dragged myself away and maintained an inevitable sulk face for the duration of the plane ride. When making this list, I didn't include items that are obvious (towel, book, swimwear) but essential items that you may neglect to bring...

1. The bag that will fit everything in 
I have tried the 'I'm-going-to-use-this-cute-little-bag-to-take-to-the-beach-and-carry-the-rest'... Needless to say it's a stupid approach as you balance everything while staggering across the beach. Wicker baskets such as this one are perfect to keep everything in and I like the timeless look of wicker on the beach. 

2. Ripped distressed denim
High-waisted, hip huggers, black, blue, grey, white.... take your pick. But make them distressed and worn for a laid back attitude. Mine are Topshop. 

3. A good sun hat 
As many of the items in this list, this hat combines style and practicality. Perfect for when you're trying to read (read THIS) or simply snooze in the sun, and makes you look a lot more together than you might otherwise be. Also, if you're prone: bad hair days no more. 

4. Crochet, of course
Timeless, feminine, comfy, attractive... my love for crochet began a while ago but recently it's expanded and I can't get enough. I'm selling these in black and white, so please get in touch via e-mail (contact page or right hand side bar) to find out details. 

5. Sunglasses, sunglasses, sunglasses
Cheap sunglasses are my weakness... If they're dirt cheap and novelty, I'm always there. Sadly I seem to get through them at an alarming rate, for example this spread from the Philippines has already reduced by 3 (I think someone stole them on the beach sad face). In an urban setting I tend to wear classic shapes and colours, but on the beach aaaanything goes. 

6. Heat Protectors
It's easy to get caught up by the sand, sea, and all round excitement of stepping on to the beach, but it's important to be sensible about it too; not only skin, but also hair and lips. In the way of suncream, P20 is applied once a day and it actually works - plus it's completely water resistant. It's a little more pricey but given you only need to apply once a day you save in the long run as the bottle will last ages. These are my current favourites for keeping my hair as tamed as it can be

So there you have it... are there any items you would add to the list? 
Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Sun in Thailand as in hell, when the rain not fall down from the sky. After Europe trip, where the climate is normal, as for me, this weather in Chiang Mai was seem like somewhere in deserts sands. While we were being in Thailand we decided to made an insurance, we did it here in same time whith rent of scooters. It was very convinitent. To the beach we did not arrived, but we was in the top of mountain Doi Mon Chong! Best view ever.


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