Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Thailand Travel Diary: Part I

I'll start by saying that in this recent visit to Thailand (my third no less) I came to the conclusion that it really is one of my FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATIONS OF ALL TIME. I decided this was due, more than anything, to never needing to compromise in Thailand: amazing weather, history, cultural visits, incredible beaches, friendly people, delicious food... Rarely do you feel 'I wish this...' because Thailand has it!

Our 10 days in Thailand were spent between Bangkok and Krabi, the time on the Thai islands being sandwiched in between two short stays in Bangkok. This post, evidently, is dedicated to the south of Thailand, specifically Railey beach - not an island in itself, more a beach off Krabi that can only be reached by boat. I enjoyed - which maybe is the part that puts some people off - not being surrounded by backpackers my age getting drunk... it was so chilled out, and felt a whole lot healthier than my other visit to Thailand when I was eighteen! 

A few words of advice...

Thai food you need to try: Pad Thai (of course), thai pancakes, chicken satay, mango sticky rice, fruit shakes, masaman curry... 
Things to do that aren't lying on the beach: somewhere like Thailand, it would be a  shame to limit yourself to the beach... choose from deep water solo climbing, kayaking, snorkelling, hiking. 
Wear: Crochet everything (of course), oversized t-shirts as dresses (I commandeered my Dad's wardrobe...but what's new), statement jewellery, and tiny shorts. 
If you're stuck as to what to pack, read my handy list here

My Bangkok Travel Diary will be up shortly, with lots of detailed advice of what to do and see! 

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