Friday, 17 April 2015

A Farewell to Winter: Last Coat of the Season

THRIFTED coat, RAYBAN wayfarer sunglasses, CHANEL style bag, NIKE frees

Regard this post as my farewell to winter for another year: the season of thick socks, essential thermals, luxe scarves, classic boots and my favourite, of course, outerwear. I’ve always preferred dressing for winter, it being that much more interesting and multi-dimensional. In my native southern Spain, summer gets so hot that it saps your energy, makes you grab for glass after glass of icy water and increases laziness in sartorial choices. 

I love the shapeless feel to this coat and that deep grey shade that seems to smarten up any merge of colours (when I’m not wearing monochrome…). It’s very enveloping and, given most of the time in winter we complain of only being seen in our outermost layer, making it a chic one like this definitely helps. Best of all, I grabbed it in a twilight Shanghai market for £5… a bargain by all accounts. 

P.S. To find out what I wore underneath this great cloak, click here

Photos by Jenna Cammish

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