Saturday, 25 July 2015

Wishlist: Monochrome Summer with Dressin'

I don't know about you, but when holidays arrive I have an overbearing feeling to change outfit fifty times a day. First outfit - somewhat covered up, maybe a chic hat - for an enormous breakfast, then a more risqué, tan-inducing change for the swimming pool and at least a couple more outfit adjustments until you're ready to get in your zone for dinner (note: it does not have to be restricted to monochrome as I have in this wishlist).

Needless to say, this can get pretty stressful on the bank account until you start dealing with the likes of Dressin. Their website is a little bit of an Aladdin's Cove, but search thoroughly and you will come across amazing pieces and the prices are just ridiculous. Most of this wishlist is under $10!

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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summer 2015: Two Things You Know, One You Don't

STRADIVARIUS jeans and top, MANGO bag, ZARA sandals, THRIFTED sunglasses

This summer is serving up a different dish for everyone: for me, it involves adapting to timezone GMT+0 after chilling in GMT+7 for nine glorious months. This involves catching up with old friends, swinging through old hangouts but most of all rekindling love affairs with my favourite Western foods (Spanish tapas, Tesco’s hummus and cheese). 

I digress. Regardless of what this summer may bring, there are some undeniable facts. Two of them you know, one of them you (probably) don’t. 
  1. 1. Summer 2015 is a hot one. 10 days in Spain had me melting in the sun  (#AnythingForTheTan) with 35ºC as the average (to the point that I couldn’t even eat everything I wanted to because the heat robbed of my appetite).  For those who can’t sunbathe due to boredom, I recommend loooong FaceTime sessions and Ted talks. Even London is giving us sunshine and the hottest day for 80 years?! (but that might have been a rumour). 
  2. 2. In the hottest months of 2015, we bare the shoulder. Those bare shoulders are everywhere on the high street, and are that fast track you needed to feeling feminine cool and sexy all at the same time without needing to bare too much flesh. 
  3. 3. The one you didn’t know: affordable Spanish highstreet brand Stradivarius is having an amazing season. Having boycotted them a few years ago due to a bad customer service experience, I strolled in the other day window shopping and came out with bags full. A lot of their stock is pretty chic but without a hefty price tag. Wikipedia tells me there’s only one store in the UK, but it’s massive in Spain and I even stumbled across a store in Shanghai. I've decided this is a need to know.
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