Monday, 10 August 2015

Postcard from Thailand: Paisley Shorts

H&M basic tank, THAILAND MARKET shorts (similar)
SPANISH MARKET bracelet, RAYBAN sunglasses
A little postcard arriving very late from Thailand by way of these photos (having lived in China for the last year, I can relate to packages arriving so late both the receiver and the sender had forgotten its existence). 

We vacay'd in Thailand this January because - despite studying the whole way through the Christmas period - Chinese universities mercifully give two months off in the winter. Among the culture intake in Bangkok (read my helpful guide here), we checked into Riley Beach Club where these photos were taken. Cue a casual, coastal get-up which is, in my opinion, just the right side of risqué. Sunset predictably became my favourite time of day, walking through the hotel grounds to try to spot monkeys in the trees (cute until a gang of twenty start to eye you up). If you want more wanderlust photos of Thailand, read my travel diary here

I picked these shorts up in the Bangkok markets for a couple of pounds, no surprises that I'm wishing I'd bought ten! Must thank the Mamá (again) for lending me this statement bracelet for the shoot (I've said it before, I owe all the fashion credit to her...) If you're finding summer packing somewhat overwhelming, try this post or this post for some straightforward advice.
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  1. Hey - great to see another great Blog from you - LOVE the shorts - and the photos!


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