Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Head to Toe Crochet: The Love Affair Part II

ZARA jumpsuit, THRIFTED bandana (similar)

#ShitGirlsSay: If I could marry a material, I would propose to crochet in the next five minutes. 

I'm certain it's a love due to connotations: connotations of workmanship, sand between your toes, crisp colour schemes and, undoubtedly, classiness. Never one for an overworked clothes ensemble, fabrics that express summer joie de vivre and maintain a level of chicness are always going to be at the top of my wish list. 

I've been raving about crochet since January (check the full post and a chance to grab your own here) but my eyes popped out of my head when I saw this crochet one-piece in Zara. I did not see that coming. I eventually bought it on my birthday in the sales, and knew the debut had to come at the beach house in Spain. As I'm sure you'll agree, this needs nothing more than a little up-to-date bandana (more on this little item later) to keep that beach hair semi-tamed and you're ready for that mojito that's waiting back at your table. 

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Photos by Rosanna CE


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