Friday, 16 October 2015

Fall/ Winter: Last Year's Review

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A few snapshots of last year's Fall/ Winter to get us in the mood for this one!
Looking good in winter is so much more fun.
(Said every blogger, ever) I'm super excited for another season of wrapping up (literally in some cases, if you own a camel number like mine). Tradition would have it that every season I conjure up the perfect coat in my mind and I don't stop trawling online shops until I come across it. Last year was the camel wrap around (which I finally located in Mango). This year it's an oversized wool floor length black/ navy style. Funnily enough this search often seems a lot more enticing than d.r.y Chinese Politics readings or impossibly deep content on the Ethics of Buddhism. And alas it is still hiding. 

It's been a lot harder to post blogposts than I had anticipated, the balance of studying, trips to London, a part-time job and exercising leave little time for much else. I'm preparing the posts on ideas to wear to university, just waiting for my photographer to arrive tomorrow (looking at you, cartygram!). Bare with me while I try to get into the swing of being in my final year of university! 

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  1. Can't wait to see this year's new coat...loved last year's camel wrap!


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